Music Recommendations

Benji B - Portrait
(Extremely stylish Benji B, curator of London club, locking in leagues of DJ’s via BBC RADIO 1..)

In this youtube music video clip, a rap video by Talib Kweli ft. Abbey Dobsen, you’ll see the director use texts in the style of Karaoke, and in one of the phrases he says “music is the light during dark times..” Too true.

To give you a disclaimer. I don’t listen to any of that hipster whiny guitar crap. Like Destroyer or Pavement…It’s nothing personal I just think it’s not part of who I am at all. My ears are sensitive.

Music is personal but at the same time I think right is right and wrong is wrong. I’ve come to the conclusion that only few people truly run this music industry, and it’s not the hollywood producers. They are the underground tastemakers. The people who are inspiring people like Kanye West. The people who inspire JAY-Z. Most of these people are “insider” “in-the-know” curators who keep their ears to the street. They know what’s coming 2-3 years ahead. Some typical artist examples include Common, the rapper…Talib Kweli, RaeKwon….etc..

One such DJ you must know about is BENJI B. For me he is “king of cool” in the music industry. Steve McQueen of the music industry. He knew a year ahead WALE was going to be a huge star before he hit the radios of America. Benji b is a shrewd curator and his ears are sensitive to only the best kind of music…. He had his finger on the pulse before SBTRKT and JAMIE XX hit the radios of UK. He has strong ties with Deviation music and has been keeping generations of club masters locked in during his one hour on BBC RADIO 1. You should follow him on instagram or do some research to find out more. Lots of his stuff can be found on Soundcloud.




Deviation music. He is also known for his passion for hip hop and R&B, he probably knows more about the 90′s than I do in terms of music.


Another big player for me is MIDLAND. He does 30 minute to hour long mixes and podcasts that I have on my phone. His mixes have gotten me through the roughest studio sessions (leather cutting and designing), without this trance like locked in concentration of noise I’d be caving into my ADD unable to finish anything. Please do your research and go on Soundcloud. His sound is not easy to consume. It is an acquired taste and it will take you some time to acclimate yourself to brilliance.



Kitsune is run by two people, one a french DJ named Gildas Loaƫc. They are the kind of music label that has their own shitty clothing brand. No thanks I already have enough APC in my wardrobe. The mixes are good but not as chic as the way the british club masters do it. The british underground club house scene is uncomparable, they are in their own league. I was listening to Kistune 4 years ago, and I walked away for a while because I was busy downloading XXXY, RINSEFM mixes, benji b and Midland.

Now onto ITALOJOHNSON. Another genius and electronic musician that has gotten me up at 4 am. I get up just to listen to it, just to fill myself up with lots of energy to start the day. It’s like an energy pill in the form of earsnacks. I found out about Italojohnson through Midland. This is how I find stuff. I just keep listening to the stuff I like and I keep digging. Read more about ITALOJOHNSON. They say “These days one could get the impression that ‘likes’, ‘supports’ and ‘plays’ are
much more important than the music itself.”



If you haven’t been listening to MFDOOM for the past 10 years I don’t know what to tell you. Just start. “Rappsnitchknishes” is a wonderful starting point. Buy his album on iTunes and realize for yourself that KANYE is pretty much marshmellow in comparison.

Another curator slash DJ of sorts to be mentioned would be A-TRAK. French canadian musician is known for creating mixes that will get you through the most rigorous workouts. I am mostly interested in getting through the day. A-trak has introduced me to DISCLOSURE 1.5 years ahead … Right now EVERYONE is listening to Disclosure. I was listening to that 1.5 years ago and that was because of A-TRAK. A-TRAK also sure beats all of the “pseudo-goth-trendy” it girl socialite dj’s of downtown riding on daddy’s funds. I’m aware the kid started when he was 12 and won DJ competitions by working hard.

As usual I’m missing a ton. I’ve been going on 90′S Aaliyah binges, luxuriating my ears to Zed Bias, dancing to a lot of SAM SMITH (of Disclosure..)…and listening to a lot of NAS ILLMATIC. In general I’ll listen to anything I like, and there are lot of talented folks out there…Leave us some recommendations … afrofunk, jazz, classic, so long as it’s good. You could also listen to BOILER ROOM .. It’s decent..


Zed Bias is great, a wonderful talent. I love this mix with JESSIE WARE…I’ve been listening to him for awhile, love most of his stuff…also can be found on the cloud. Listen but y’all don’t necessarily have to trust me. I listen to CREED too!!!!