Mozzarella like I’ve never tasted

I’m trying to avoid the fancy restaurants here in Napoli- I want to try the local places and eat little snacks here and there instead of sitting down for a serious, pretentious meal. I found this place while I was walking called ‘Mandara’, its just a small cured meats/cheese shop but what I wanted was to taste fresh buffalo milk mozzarella. Now I’ve made my own mozzarella before but it sure as hell did not taste like this. The food here is very cheap and delicious, not only that, everything is just so fresh….



They package this cheese in a plastic bag filled with water to keep it moist..




The cheese was oozing milk when I was cutting it, it was so delicious, I suggest you try it if you make a trip here, the cheese costs about 8 euro, this is the same price I pay for mozzarella when I go to whole foods- but the taste difference was like night and day.

Haven’t tasted cheese like this before in the states.