Monday off, scarves on

Yesterday, Monday, for a while had been DYING to check out Dia:BEACON. Finally I had been able to coordinate a date…and I am going to go back next weekend or the weekend after. But while I was there I just also thought I’d kill two birds. You haven’t had a chance to see the rest of the scarves on…This moto-peacoat hybrid is from ASOS if you must know. I am usually a size 0-2 but this coat is a size 6. I mean, go big or go home…


This one is the charcoal infinity, I chose to use Acrylic wool because I will spend my whole day scratching my neck if it is real wool. I have a very VERY negative relationship with real wool. Acrylic is better for me. Luxury is comfort.


The look is definitely exaggerated, something oversized and chunky.


Dan Flavin’s light installations.


I made sure to check out Sol Lewitt’s creations, several rooms (enormous) dedicated to him. Whole walls covered in minimalistic line drawings…As you know Lewitt writes down directions and has other people produce these drawings. So these lines aren’t drawn by him and some people have a problem with that, but I don’t. I think he is a genius. With my 1+1=2 style thoughts, I immediately thought it would be nice to take these drawings and apply them to t-shirts and sell them..Or have them intarsia-d into cashmere sweaters. Sorry for this kind of crass thinking. It’s what fashion does to you.


Here is another shot without my stupid figure blocking any part of it. Just incredible.


Upon closer inspection, you see lines are shaded with different etch marks set at different angles. Straight vertical. Horizontal straight + vertical straight. Then horizontal + vertical straight + 45 degree angle lines. ETC. ETC. ETC. Strict, obsessive, and so incredibly sexy. And the best part is if you have the time and money, you could do this too. You know you only need a set of directions from the Mr. Lewitt..RIP. Looking at this kind of made me sad though because my dream was to be an artist. But I gave up this dream by the end of high school, throughout my youth I was very much into painting and drawing and had enrolled in art colleges with Parsons being an option to study fashion in case I chickened out. By the end I thought fashion would be more practical for me because it is extremely difficult to make a living just by being an artist… that trying to become an artist at this kind of level might be impossible…


Flavin’s light installations.



I’m wearing the white perforated leather scarf here, same shape as the black triangle.



I never got to show you those rabbit scarves.



You can also wear it with only one buckle closed, then it sits lower on the neck. So the more you buckle up the more it looks like a tube. Available here.



I am a firm believer that art should not be quarantined to museums and galleries. This kind of behavior is corrupt in my eyes, to take such beauty and deprive everyone from seeing it in their lives day in and day out…There is a street slang for this, it’s called C*ck-blocking, right? Museum staff, also kinda pretentious and annoying no? Why they are always looking at you like you’re about to steal some sculpture and run out the door is beyond me. Anyway this was some wooden sculpture, when you see it from 10 steps away, it just looks like an accidental wooden board, but then you get close and look over, there is this downward slope created by the same slab of wood. Amazing.