Modern Wedding Ideas

My mother and I text quite often, now it’s gotten to the point where she sends me pics of food all day long. (ANNOYING, mom)…but then she also sends me pics of cool things too. She recently went to her friend’s daughter’s wedding, and they had a modern setup. My mom of course immediately sent me photos because she knew I’d be obsessed… I loved that there was no altar and the interior had a very sparse, industrial vibe to it…Turns out they held the ceremony at an abandoned flour factory or something? Anyway, I felt this familiar spark when I saw those bars with the paper on it, because I shoot on studio paper a lot, and the bride just pulled out this really long sheet of studio paper and wrote about how they met and fell in love. I really loved the way the whole thing was styled, it was original, and lighthanded..minimal… Who wants the fuss nowadays. If I get married ( but who’d want to put a rock on this nightmare?? ) I hope nobody knows about it until after it happens (okay okay I’ll text my parents the news but that’s about it)…


I thought it would also be nice to share this, even though I’m not a wedding blogger, because I guess you ladies are around that age when you might get married, maybe you are looking for a way to do something chic, concise, and not spend a fortune. Just knowing how much a wedding could cost, to be honest I’d rather take that money and buy a Lamborghini…now don’t you think that is a shrewd move?


Here is the pic of the venue, so cool, love it. So after she sent me these photos I shared one on instagram and then apparently one of the girl’s bridesmaids found out about the photo on my account..ha, and then she (A nice lady named Meghan) somehow found my parents there and talked with them saying how she had been a reader of my blog..and she had gone to the same school as the bride… I don’t know how she found them, but my mom was wearing the black croc necklace (hey when are you going to pay me for that purchase??)..But yea so funny! If you’re reading this..hi! A congrats to Lee and Christina (the couple who got married, these photos are from their ceremony).


Last but not least, here is a photo that is unrelated to this wedding, but definitely wedding related in general. Now if I went to your wedding and you had this dispenser in your setup, I’d want to be your best friend. So casual but luxurious. A great idea for a wedding for sure…