Mobile Bar Cart

I start this post, again, with my uncontrollable urge to defend myself against the pitiable man, the restauranteur who, a while ago, called me Lazy. He also said, via instagram, that I “fend off wood”. His next few instagram snaps? A photo of his dumb Miami treehouse being built. He casually says “Dreams come true” if you “work hard”. I wanted to vomit. This coming from the same mouth who runs his business in the way that has his Korean Waitresses filing lawsuits. Really pal? If making your dreams come true means screwing over women who actually need to make rent I am 100% sure I want to stay a failure. I am Korean. I know my women and our country. Korean women? We lay in the cut. We avoid conflict AT ALL COSTS. We yell and shout when we absolutely have to. I have slept a total of many 10 hours this past week. Barely sleeping. Why? I was so busy asking myself, because of this restauranteur..really am I lazy?

Oh you mad? You started it. You should have NEVER acted as though you were personally interested. You should have understood, that unlike the facade of this blog, I am not as “wallflower” like as you thought. If you aren’t smart enough to know who you are dealing with, you should not be a boss. Sorry.

Here is your how-to. This is my mobile bar cart. Luxury, for me is personal. You read this piece of raw leather, you don’t have to ask me what I drink. On the back is fully laced up.

To stamp, you need to water this raw leather. And then use a stamp and hammer.








Because after I work I get so hungry! Yummy mac and cheese with fried fish. There was a 6 year old kid sitting right next to me eating sea urchin and salmon egg sashimi. I felt so bad about myself…….


Yea I heard Chanel made a leather flask. Like I care. I made this myself.