Mobile Accessory


When I first created this wallet necklace style, I just had one simple idea in mind. To find a solution for a personal problem of mine. Always running around like a crazy person, or working like a crazy person, I need to have important things like a credit card, keys, and cash close by. And I told you that for someone like me, there is more of a likelihood that I’ll lose things. I have that problem to start out with, leaving sunglasses and keys everywhere. But this chance widens when you are constantly jumping from one place to the next. Now I imagine how great it would be to have a desk and a stationary office space because the grass is always greener… Bottom line, this design was born to buffer, not to decorate.



I soon found out that this problem…well..It wasn’t so personal. But it was stupid of me to think of myself like I was ‘special’, of course if I’m having a problem with something, there had to be other people who experienced something similar. Since loading these into the shop, I’ve even gotten e-mails from some people who bought this item saying they literally wear it every day, or it’s their new favorite thing, OR that this accessory has kept their bags at home. Well I am exactly the same. I wear it every day too and the best part is I haven’t lost anything crucial. Actually, this design seems so small and mindless in comparison to other projects I’ve completed, but ironically, it has had the most profound impact in my daily life. I should have lost my credit card by now, 2-3 times probably, but I haven’t. In fact, I’m blown away…. Am I just a changed woman, or is it the accessory. Ha, probably the accessory. This insecurity or fear that I might not have something, it’s gone. In fact, this feeling is startling, stability feels so new to me.




Since the first debut of these snap style wallet necklaces, I assumed that the zip style would be much more popular, but my assumptions were wrong. I had to create different styles of this snap closure wallet necklace and more stock…I don’t know why it’s not really my thing, I just love a zipper I guess… But the design has everything to do with the material. These thicker calf hides and leathers are great for this style because it holds it’s shape really nicely even without folded seams. I added a diverse range of items this time…These have a more luxurious vibe than the  speedy and functional zip styles. All of the new styles are now available in the shop of course. One thing you have to admit about me is that I am no tease.


White on white perforated leather, created more of these styles as well.



One of the older styles, the black key leather wallet necklace.


Several new styles added. There is an addition of this grey wallet necklace with tiny black studs, and a gunmetal finish leather one.




Well well well, welcome to the world of a workaholic. Now I can’t complain though, none of this would even be here had it not been for all the support and feedback. I see this blog more like a collaboration of sorts. But it has been quite the challenge to keep stock replenished. I am not calm when I am relaxing, only love to be working..Sometimes work gets me down but most of the time I love it… Several people told me that I need a vacation. For me, a vacation is so much work. No thank you. I like to go to other countries, but I hope it’s for work.



One of my new styles is this diamond stud relief pattern; the material has a nice industrial feel to it and what I love most is that it’s got a matte finish. You will find this diamond studded version in the shop as well, along with all of the other styles I am showing.



I had to create some newer styles, different colors, materials, also added two crocodile hide styles, they had previously sold out.





Black calf hide styles, one of a pink sheen.


The minute I sourced this material I had the urge to utilize it as soon as possible. These styles are available here.




Snakeskin calf hide.


How to style it? So many ways. I went from two extremes. The most casual basic uniform; a white tee and jeans. Then a dressy dress with a leather jacket.


Concerts, beaches, this accessory screams summer. Go to the beach to buy snacks, whatever. I only go to beaches rarely, and when I do I go fully clothed, I am too conservative for a bathing suit or a bikini…. But I imagine this necklace would go with a bikini too. I said a genuine smile and credit card solves most issues. Keep one of these close by.


Styled this with my half sleeve leather hoodies.


Dressy dress (Christopher Kane from way back if you’re curious) and my leather jacket..I’m wearing a silver wallet necklace with this.



Yes, these cuffs are functional. Cuff it to something, I don’t know, a zipper pull perhaps.



Or cuff it to your arm..


One of the things that really bugs me is when any little white flecks or dust gets onto the accessories. Since I have to preserve these items so they are in tip top condition until they reach their destination, I looked to food preservation methods for packaging inspiration, was getting a little tired of the ribbon and black box. I thought, why not seal these bags so no air can reach the leather or chains, fashion should be consumed fresh, no? I always think clothes look best straight off the runway, like when Jak and Jil captures editors wearing things from the shows a week or month after (at the latest). Any time after that and that garment already starts to lose it’s relevance, hello e-bay, and maybe some bloggers who are slow on the attach (i.e. me). See, clothing and food are not so different. The only difference is that clothing cannot be consumed by mouth. Quite disturbing though how much waste all this clothing production has created. It’s only getting worse I suppose.


Of course I tested this in advance to see if any damage would be done to the leather. Nope. In fact sealing these actually helps the texture of these leathers, keeps them nice and flat. Almost works like an iron, but no heat. It’s also important to keep the chains safe so they don’t tangle or break.





Maybe you will find one that suits you best. Me, my favorite is the black perforated leather zip style.