Slapdash Mexican-Thai Steak Salad

I just had to share this salad because I am pretty sure you will love it, and it’s one that you can easily prepare at home. Unlike some of the other food content on here, ingredients here accessible, maybe people who read this with a more sophisticated palette might look at this and go, wow this is more Houlihan’s than chic. Okay but you know you love the stuffed shrooms at Houlihans’ so don’t act like you’re above it!!

Anyway, the story behind this salad is that I was in a slightly cracked out state of mind when I made it. It’s kind of mexican (there are corn tortillas here!) but also kind of Thai (peanut dressing)…with a medium rare Hanger steak sliced very thinly on top. I had some random ingredients sitting in my fridge and decided to put it together, kind of like how you make Sangria. I do suggest serving Sangria with this. In fact I’m confident this salad is a crowd pleaser, so definitely a must if you’re into throwing holiday parties.


Ingredients: Thinly sliced carrots, red cabbage, pear (yes it’s awesome in here!), romaine lettuce, corn tortillas, fresh corn off the cob, a ton of cilantro, and some scallion at the end.

What makes this salad worth eating, the dressing. I know dressing is supposed to be kind of easy to make, but it’s a bit complicated here. Well first off I’m using Skippy’s peanut butter (in the silver can) but also there are so many things you need for the perfect flavor. You can see I also like to de-brand all of my seasonings, like kikkoman’s soy sauce just gets dubbed “soy” (I forgot to add SAUCE….) and Trappey’s hot sauce…Put them in squeeze bottles, that’s more my style. But yea you need fish sauce, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, ginger oil, sesame oil, and oyster sauce. Mix it all together until it clicks. That’s how I just know, I just keep tasting it until I go yea, this is where I stop mixing and adding. And don’t be afraid of the fish sauce, better than salt you know… I know it smells really putrid.


Thinly slice the tortillas (deep fried) and place it around the salad, grill the steak and let it rest for at least an hour before you slice. If you slice it right off the grill you will lose all of it’s juices. And make sure you don’t over cook it. With each bite you get the sweetness of the pear with I really love. But really this whole salad is gold. Everything just works well together. I added so much cilantro and corn. I love corn!!!




To slice all my veggies I used a mandolin, but you can just thinly chop the romaine.




I never feel a salad meal is complete, at least without soup. If you love miso soup, lose the tofu and add fresh clams instead.