Michael Jackson. It would be redundant of me to write out his achievements. We all have a different memory of him. What I find flawed about mass produced memorabilia is that each of our memories of him are unique, and as such Memorabilia should be unique. Some prefer the child Michael Jackson of Jackson 5. Others prefer his Thriller days. Decarnin’s memories of Michael Jackson purely have to do with MJ’s iconic 80′s clothing.

My fascination with his work has always been with how he was able to remain so innovative yet mass market; his ambition, his work ethic. In terms of work ethic, he will never be matched. He was bottom of the pyramid in terms of accessibility, yet innovative/completely unique in the way he wrote music, danced to the music, and performed the music. Very few people are able to satisfy both requirements and as such most of my respect for him lies within this fascination. It was as if he was both Thierry Mugler and Alexander Wang in one body. The power, the beauty of MJ’s music was that it didn’t matter if you were a hustler on Wall Street, a nun in rural China, a gutter punk, a socialite, or a person who hates pop music. Chances are, you liked hearing Pretty Young Thing, and you probably still do.

Here is my memorabilia of MJ. Since Michael Jackson was the most meticulous performer I have ever seen, I tried to apply that same meticulousness with this personal memorabilia. I doubt I came close, or ever will come close to what he became, but at least I have attempted something. I know everyone is “over hearing about it” but it took me a month to complete because I had to do it little by little, and if it was up to me, I would have shown this much earlier.

Swarovski crystals glued onto white glove. This was surprisingly quick to make.


















Because no one in their right mind would wear the look together as a set, I like to use the Jacket to style with other basics in my wardrobe. Here I do it with my own crop top, black skinnies, and a men’s oversize vest from Salvation Army.










I pressed the leather, or stamped it, with letters and spelled out my favorite MJ songs. This was the most difficult part of this jacket, the letters were impossible to line up.