Megu NYC ….

As promised I deliver the rest of these Megu restaurant photos from the last time I was there …

If you’re in town you should definitely book a reservation. Restaurants like this don’t excite me because I can make most of this at home. But you come to this restaurant not necessarily for the food (though it’s very delicious) … It’s really for the theatrics. You know everything here is quite literally a smoke show. If you can’t afford MEGU trust me you can go to Yakitori or Kenka it is similar and much cheaper.



No need to feel intimidated by this. It’s just a crushed ice sculpture with an LED light. I used to get excited of course. I’m like, not 12 anymore I guess…




I don’t know what this is. If you know, comment.



Here they do some clever grilling, taking seared foie gras medallions and putting it on a grill…


Seared Foie Gras…


Kobe beef slices…


Yes a hot stone you can sear your thinly shaved kobe on… It melts in your mouth, sure…I think Kobe beef is overrated anyhow. I much prefer dry aged sirloin.



Potato chips or something. You can tell how hardcore a sushi restaurant is by judging their salmon skin roll. Uhm, they don’t even have that here. But it’s okay you should still visit because it’s like a high class yakitori situation with sushi as well. I only really came out that evening thinking I could eat a salmon skin roll but nope…Salmon skin rolls are like “sin qua non” of sushi rolls for me. I can’t live without it. The lack of a salmon skin roll on the menu also says a lot. The clientele here, though extremely wealthy, are still not advanced enough to consume salmon skin rolls. Don’t fool yourself into thinking metropolitan city folks “get it”. They just have money, that’s it. I’m so judgemental that’s the worst. I’m always judging someone by what they order. Not necessarily all, just the ones who think they know. I’m always impressed when people are in-the-know. I don’t necessarily respect someone because they can spend.


I never use a phone case but I really like this one.