Mcdonald’s x Luxirare Mock Collab


Is McDonald’s a luxury? Well surely. That indescribable smell of fries while you’re close to one, the super cheap meals…(one of my favorites are the grilled chicken chipotle wraps). When you have just left a party or bar a little too drunk, it would be hard to deny a box of chicken nuggets. And whenever you are in a different country, you get a sense of familiarity when you see that M logo. I swear I had the best burger in Italy at a Mcdonalds, where they put mozzarella cheese instead of regular.

It was hard for me to think of anything, but of course I eventually came to an answer. McDonalds’ was pretty perfect as is. Well okay maybe they can work on getting a liquor license, and maybe they can bring those spicy chicken bites back (only limited offer) and I wonder why they tease us with that McRib sandwich, can’t they just keep it on the menu for good….?



I just had to ask myself what would I want if I came here, something luxurious and delicious that I want fast. It would definitely be a combo item with a very special drink. Well for food, what about some fried sea urchin nuggets? The first time I tried this delicacy was at Nobu when I was 13. I was blown away, that perfume-y shiso leaf with nori and sea urchin wrapped up in fried in tempura batter. Sea urchin was slightly warm and molten, and the exterior so crisp. Dipped in lime and yuzu, with salt and lime zest. That right there is yuzu, not lime…it’s like lime but different…



All you do is roll up the sea urchin (UNI) in shiso leaf with shredded nori, so it looks kind of like a mini wrap then you freeze them for 30 minutes. If you don’t freeze them they will overcook when they fry. Then just lightly dip these in tempura batter and fry. The problem with the recipe is that each ingredient is expensive..Shiso leaves and sea urchin don’t come too cheap.


Here we go.





Must have YUZU for this! Must.





Oh sea urchin nuggets, yum…I really don’t have a problem with the chicken nuggets either…


So crispy, but soft on the inside. And that shiso leaf…


Lime and yuzu juice, first. Then black smoked salt. Then lime zest.


Bubbly Rozay on ice. I think I would die if I walked into McDonalds of the future and saw this combo meal. Pink champagne, sea urchin nuggets…all with the convenience and slapdash consideration that a fast food joint is able to bring.


Nice little upgrade from the classic coke, yana?





Now McDonalds, I understand that this isn’t the shrewdest idea, and that if you’re not making money, you’re simply entertaining a hobby. For production, this sea urchin is too expensive, so is the Moet, and it would cost customers an arm and a leg so the recipe would make no sense, in fact I bet you’d lose money. But fantasies are vital.


Uh yea the white powder is from the tempura batter…Excuse me while I enjoy this Moet with my nuggets.