Mascara Junkie


When it comes to Mascara, it seems as though I am always in a greedy state of mind… I have no idea why but there are always requests for beauty posts from readers, but don’t be disappointed if this doesn’t suffice as I am no expert! Anyway, I have been a huge fan of Shu Uemura for years but as I said I wanted a little more punch to my mascara, even though Shu Uemura’s mascara did offer extra length and volume. In my opinion out of all the mascaras I have used, Shu Uemura beats out Chanel, Dior, and a whole variety of products I’ve tried at Duane Reade. But we must also take into consideration that Chanel might work perfectly for others, and not so well for people like me.

You can see in the photo above, that my eyelash curler brand is KOJI, this is a new one I’ve been using since Shu Uemura’s curler, and it has proven itself as a little upgrade in comparison. Available here if you are interested.


Now for a really close-up creepy eye photo. My lashes have not been touched yet, just curled. As you get older it’s natural to wear less and less makeup. When I started wearing makeup, I was more into eyeliner and shadow and never into mascara. Now it is the total opposite. I am just obsessed with wearing mascara and not so much into eyeliner or eyeshadow. Strangely I feel as though eye liner makes my eyes looks smaller! Then they say the opposite but I love the look of naked-ish eyes right now with little shadow (all matte of course) with a very punchy set of eye lashes.


This mascara that I am crazy about at the moment, it is not a flawless product but again a nice upgrade from using the Shu Uemura for years. Just try and imagine a mascara that is like Shu Uemura but twice as strong. This mascara does wonders for lengthening, and I know the difference may not come across as strongly in the photos, but I’ve recommended to friends and they are all very grateful for it. I actually like to use a combination of Shu Uemura + this Gafixx mascara. My Shu Uemura mascara is near death so there is still a little left, but the brush is near dry so I use it more as a separator + volume adding primer. And the Gafixx Mascara is just like the cherry. Like all other mascaras, this one has it’s flaws but positives outweigh the negatives..As I said it works wonders for length, it’s lightweight, and it simultaneously works like a hairspray; it keeps your lashes in it’s original shape. I think that’s what I appreciate the most, that with a lot of other mascaras my eyelashes start to look flatter..but this mascara is quite permanent. One thing that has never really worked so well for me is using an eyelash brush, which I think does help separate, either I just don’t know how to use it, or my eyes just don’t take well to it. I’d love to hear tricks from a real makeup artist..My review for this Gafixx mascara is really similar to another review I found through googling, she says similar things as I do, there are pros and cons to this mascara.


With all beauty routines it’s never perfect, always a work in progress. My eyelashes are still flawed, and quite clumpy here. I have this problem where after applying a few layers for some reason I can’t stop, and then my lashes get too thick. But I wonder if subconsciously I am really digging these imperfect, clumpy set of lashes…I already got so many new tips from readers on Instagram that I can’t wait to try…


New suggestions always welcome.