Making the best of it

With this storm there really was no choice but to deal. By the 2-3-4th day of having no power (I forget which day because the days just all blended into one big blob after losing electricity) I realized there was no food in my fridge! Of course I still had this cheese wheel and bottles of wine. I finished all the ramen, all the veggies went bad so they had to be thrown out..etc. I did watch a lot of movies on Netflix (from my phone) and even though I have been known to cancel, start/ cancel, start/ my netflix account over and over again..having Netflix this time around was definitely a luxury.


But I swear, I know everyone always thinks this is really cheesy but horrible situations usually do improve, and if it’s not just that, you always gain from that experience, or there is some kind of benefit. For days I couldn’t do dishes, and so when everything was in order, doing the dishes felt like a privilege. Not kidding. And then because there was no elevator I walked up and down 20 flights of stairs, sometimes even 3 times a day because I hate sitting around doing nothing during work hours- I had to at least go out and do stuff, find something..anything. I realized that the gym was right here, there was no need to sign up elsewhere and pay. And guess what? Each day it got I plan on walking up and down more often. And because this storm was full of worries, not knowing what might happen next, always anticipating when the power may come back on, I had only one glass of wine the whole 7 days without power and you’ll see that here. But even this wine wasn’t enjoyable because I didn’t have the luxury to lose control, couldn’t even finish the glass because this hurricane really put me out of my usual moods. So yes lots of good did come from this! They say boredom makes you do crazy things. I didn’t do anything crazy, but I finally understand what that really means. Days filled with no internet, power, tv, and the inability to do any kind of work…Now whenever I am exhausted from working a long day, I’ll just be grateful because work too can be a luxury, an escape from facing an existential crisis.. Questioning the ‘meaning of life’…SOOOO not my scene…


For 2-3 days I had no batteries on my phone, which is really strange if you’re used to using your phone a lot. I use it so much for music and for days I couldn’t listen to it. I was able to find a place to charge it and I made a little indoor candle picnic and played some music from the phone speaker. Right when the power went out my obsession with Kendrick Lamar’s album was at it’s height, so it was like euphoria for my ears to listen to it again. This moment after a cold day and no music was just the best.