Makeup Stand, another suggestion…


Okay, so you have your essential collection of makeup..personal to you, authentic to your facial shape and unique features. Yada Yada. You can tell a lot about me from my selection. I love mascara, I choose to go matte on eye shadow, I love a smokey eye, and I love to get dolled up. Lately I’ve been SO LAZY actually because I am busy up all night or working all day making things and snapping photos…So in the mornings I have no energy. When I wasn’t blogging I woke up feeling very good, lots of time to do my face and all. I simply liked to be looked at, as a woman I do not want to be admired only for my intelligence.


My theory on Beauty is that your components should be hyper organized. Maybe this will then, motivate you to do some makeup. If you can find it fast you can afford to be lazy.


I got this comic sheet from lush, I have a few from their store. The lady liked me so much that she gave me lots of sheets. They wrap their soaps in these sheets.



You have to get up early to do your makeup. Two things get me up early. Dave Chappelle shows and the thought of eating. I watch comedy while I do my makeup. If you want to find out where to buy this, check my instagram. Feel free to follow or stalk it.


I’ve had this double compact makeup case for about 7 years now. One thing about me is that once I find something good I use it until it’s all gone. I am tempted to buy this compact from Mineral Beauty but I think I’ll wait…