LXR Keychains

For the holidays, some considered keychains…Last december, I never really thought about what would make for reasonable gifts, but this year I wanted to focus on small items that everyone can play with. I should have posted this weeks ago but the hectic holidays have really set me back!


This envelope purse is derivative of an older design, but for these series of keychains a smaller one is featured, approximately 3×4 inches. But along with this nano size (which is really the best out of the set) this group also includes a variety of charms: tassles, a cross relief tag, and hearts.


I designed this envelope purse before, you remember those crocodile ones, but wanted to offer you a smaller, affordable version this year. A nano envelope purse, it is convenient for just a credit card and some cash for when you are doing a simple night out with friends.



Measures a teeny tiny 4×3 inches..(approx.)..


Lined luxuriously with leather, metallic pink. All available here.



Yes, Newtown news is quite devastating, and will admit my timing on this is off (comment relative to photo below)… If I knew about this shooting before I would have omitted this lighter from this series for sure out of consideration to readers and due to horrible timing.. but if you keep up with my liveblog you’ll know these designs were finished before the news.. I had many more images to post here of that lighter but scaled it back to a few, (and yes I know you will say well even one is too many). Apologies in advance if you are still offended by the imagery and the pistol lighter, do feel free to skip this post in it’s entirety…Understadably there are a good handful of you I assume feel nauseous when you see this so close to the horrible event.


There’s a decent variety here, from the Basic style, to my favorites (the envelope)…They make great holiday gifts.


Cage lip charm keychain..




With this series I also included a design (the cross leather), it is common to see leather tabs on keychains but I wanted to blow up it’s size. This is kind of a way I make fun of myself..as a girl who loses her keys all the time (hey key fobs are small!!) and when I used to carry HUGE designer ‘it’ bags my keys would be buried so deep that I’d assume they were lost, only to find it the morning later after dumping all the contents of my bag..With this large leather tab you can never lose your keys and inside a big bag you can feel this large tab right away.




The other day I saw this post by the Hapsical Blogger..And he was using those archaic, totally not-with-the-trends nylon Prada bags, but seeing how he used it…it made me want to take it out again..I can’t believe how old this bag is and why I haven’t thrown it out? Haha. I like to put the large leather cross tab as an added accessory for this backpack.


Now I can show you how to make Banana Brulee. Sugar on top of a banana sliced in half. Can you guess what the next step is.


The banana will now have a hard candied top, and it will be soft and slightly cooked on the inside. Soooo good.



‘Sweet’ keychain with heart charm and leather tassle.



Basic LXR Keychain.





The keychains also work fine on purses.





Thank you for reading, everything is available in the e-shop.