Luxirare Motovest via Alexandra Spencer


Miss Spencer’s photo (above). I just had to share these photos self styled and shot by Alexandra of 4TH&BLEEKER. This might be a strange coincidence but I’ve been meaning to reshoot this vest because it is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve not been able to wear as much…And what do you know…

I am pretty sure that all of the fashion readers that visit this small space of mine on the ‘innanetz’ have already come across Miss Spencer’s cut-to-the-chase-no-frills fashion blog dubbed 4th and bleeker. And yes that concise attitude of hers is exactly what I adore about not only her style but her blog as well. Her outfits lean towards minimal but never boring, and we can all agree that this is the not the kind of woman you want to bring to a party, because all of your girlfriends will be furious (though your male friends will be very happy). This is also not the kind of woman you bring to meet your boyfriend UNLESS of course your man has already put a rock on it.  During Sydney fashion week, Miss Spencer cut to the chase once again, grabbing the elusive front page of two days in a row. For the first instance she was captured by Tommy Ton in a Reebok/Celine oversized sports shirt and strappy 90′s heels. Stroke of styling genius I’d say. And you know much I’ve been really feeling sports clothes nowadays, from my adidas/nike obsession, but I don’t look quite as chic and effortless in my dumpy adidas sweatpants.


So clever this look below, and not a look I’ve seen overdone on the fashion blog circuit. From her photography, to styling talent..(do check her blog out)….it’s not fair that some girls have it all. Oh, and by the small amount of communication I’ve had with her via e-mail and instagram, I can already tell she is very charming.


I really can’t get over how well she has styled this vest, with nothing underneath, raw, perfect for summer. Now I have styled this completely differently, but if I could I’d definitely go for this kind of look, but maybe I do some working out first…but still precarious.


I had to also include some other shots from her blog, there are some interior/lifestyle related shots when she is traveling through beaches and upscale resorts, the settings are not only beautiful but very nicely photographed as well. This is the life of a model/blogger/businesswoman.


Fell in love with these mirrors, a photo she took at a hotel.


In case you are wondering where her earrings are from, they are by the brand Luv AJ.


And clearly, Miss Spencer is a gal that understands the importance of leather. Loved this photo from her blog as well.



You can follow Luxirare and 4th&Bleeker on instagram here and here. Now I should bite into this apple, text my friend Lexy goodnight who is stressed out of her mind at a styling gig in Philly (and that’s what good friends do, make sure they feel loved and cared for right?)…and…then I must go to sleep. Way past my bedtime.