Luxirare E-shop

A good handful of you might have picked up on the fact that I’ve been working on this E-shop. It was supposed to launch much earlier but several things happened that forced me to delay it. I’m glad I can finally share what I have been working on with my readers and I just want to thank everyone for the continued support. It’s been a rough 5 months and I’m glad I can finally breathe a little bit.

There are two different sections in the shop, the ‘Luxirare’ section and the ‘vintage section’. One of the main reasons for having two is that my section of the shop is still very sparse. In starting the shop I wanted more of a foundation to load items for the future, so this is all just the beginning. I have  a few designs up at the moment but most of what I design for “” will end up on “”, so eventually there will be more to choose from. I am trying to figure out the best way to do production, for now everything is being produced in my studio save for the bracelet I’m featuring in this post..Its tough to navigate production facilities not only in New York but overseas so I’m taking all of this very slowly. The vintage section of the shop will feature some clothes I’ve collected by other designers (they have already been featured on this blog) mixed in with some everyday pieces. I wanted this section in order to add more of a range of items, so that everyone who is shopping can find something they can relate to.

Another thing I wanted to note was the price range. You’ll see items priced from $45 to $2000. I didn’t want to have this “set” standard of pricing. For most of us, price has nothing to do with luxury or what it means when something is truly luxurious. I have written about this before in my manifesto.


pyramid copy

One of the first bracelet designs I will be featuring in the shop pictured below…If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you’ll remember I posted this bracelet way back when in the imagefeed section of my blog. Well the design was in the works even 6 months before that when I sent out the first spec-sheet for the bracelet to the production facility. I have this thing about wearing stacked bangles and bracelets. The only problem with them is that they constantly fall down to your wrist and move around…what I wanted was that look of stacks and bands floating lightly on your wrist in one piece, without the discomfort. Kind of like debt consolidation! The bracelets can be worn several different ways, both casually and dressed up.

DSC_0650 copy



Without further ado, here it is…LUXIRARE’S E-SHOP. I hope you guys enjoy it.