Looking forward to 2013!


This was a weird year for me, fun, but weird. And I always prefer the New Years time over Christmas, only because New Years gives you another clean slate. And Christmas is a great break time for me, I like to relax and take some time off from work..it’s been kind of nice to stay away from the ‘internet’ and even instagram…Recharging my batteries, that’s what I like to celebrate during the holiday season. Catching up, eating good food, family, friends, etc. And in this post a timeline of some of my favorite posts this past year. I did this last year too but it’s nice to have a yearly roundup.

No one can deny the power of a leather jacket, definitely good for confidence…come to think of it, a good perfume…a strong leather jacket those are two things that give me confidence.


And yes this year I think I drank a little more than other years. For New Years one of my resolutions is to keep drinking for weekends only. I know, you’re like sitting behind the computer screen..chuckling..smirking…


Thanks to the folks over Hudson Whiskey I got to try some new distilleries.


One of the things I enjoy making most are these Wallet Necklaces. So in 2012 I had to try them in every color and texture.




Some double zip iPhone 4 necklaces. New iPhone 5 bags coming soon…


In 2012 I think there were many more food posts involving Korean Food. This is something I haven’t done in the past, and I don’t know why because korean and japanese cuisines are my favorites. Then comes Italian.


If you want to know more about this recipe check here.





In 2012 I got completely obsessed with Instagram, like everyone else. You know what I like to use it for now…It’s a nice way to keep in touch with your friends but also if you haven’t spoken to them in a while, I’ll like a photo of theirs to let them know I miss them or that I’m thinking of them…..Instagram is great too because when someone you respect and admire likes a photo of yours it gives you a little excitement ha..


I put some Hermes cuffs on a live lobster in 2012…Lowly sea creatures deserve some luxury too.


Sushi, who can say no …. I want to do more posts on it but I’ve run out of ideas for now.


I really enjoy designing accessories, I think even more than clothes. Bags, scarves, and belts..harnesses even. But in 2013 there will be much more clothing. I know many of you miss some of my older stuff..where there was more detailed to the clothing…And in 2013 maybe I’m craving that again, less minimalism. I remember one person left a comment on my minivest post (which is the first design where it was more function based) that it was the first one they didn’t like..And I can understand why… Lately I’ve been hungry for lace, studs, and crystals. My eyes are starting to tire of this simple stuff…

(Luxirare scarf)


I had the pleasure of sharing these crazy shoes by Anastasia Radevich…


Jirashi, simple raw fish over seasoned rice.


Champagne for breakfast, how I like to do it.


Harnesses in 2012.



This past year you’ve seen my obsession with Adidas at it’s peak. I love wearing sweats, and I dress quite sloppily when I’m not ‘going out’. I recently watched ‘THE FIGHTER’…Because I love Christian Bale as an actor and if he’s in a movie I’ll always want to see it. His character in it (Dicky Ecklund) wears these adidas tracksuits, I find them to look incredibly stylish on the lanky type, Bale looked great in them, and his acting was insane (as usual)..


How I roll when it comes to macaron consumption. 6 pc boxes divided into 3 with three flavors, rose..pistachio and cassis..my favorites. When I like something I just want more of the same thing. And simultaneously you make life easier for those poor gals who work behind the counter picking out flavors.



Oh god craving some right now.


Found this on Google images but this car is definitely my favorite and unfortunately in the year 2012…I still do not have the funds to splurge on such a beauty. I think I will have to wait a while for this one. I already mentioned that a gal like me does not need a ring for a marriage proposal, in fact I’m not really into jewelry, even if I had a ring I’d take it off I find them very annoying.. the lambo will suffice.


This year I also love this kind of cooking, just slapping things together without much effort and I’d like to continue on with this style for 2013..unless any of you have other requests.. Anyway, this cheese wheel permits such carelessness. Eating piping hot pasta out of a cheese wheel is common practice in italy, especially in the countryside where they have wheels lying around like it’s nothing. Since this post I’ve done it about 4-5 times. If you feel like the cheese is too plain, you can also add prosciutto and basil…Can you believe I still have this wheel, will do more recipes with it in 2013. In fact you’ll see photos of this wheel completely hollowed out in 2013.



We also enjoyed some Sea Urchin nuggets a la McD’s. This sea urchin recipe.. (uni that is deep fried with nori and shiso leaf) is not my own, I mentioned in the original post that it’s by Nobu (the chef) who owns and operates the NOBU chains. You should definitely read about his story, it’s one that included many struggles on his journey up to being a restauranteur/legend. If you compare his success to a string of other japanese fusion chefs that came after him (Morimoto…etc.) the ones who came after experienced success quite easily. Nobu was really the first to do this ‘high end fusion japanese cuisine’ thing and I guess that’s why it was so tough for him. My favorite dish here is this sea urchin and it was where I got inspiration to do the McD’s post. I can just imagine this recipe coming out of a 2 am haze where all the staff are like throwing out extras or figuring out what to do with leftovers. I bet they just thought of frying this slightly not-so-fresh sea urchin…Or I could be dead wrong who knows.




We made crazy things with a waffle machine..well maybe not so crazy. Pizza, oreo ice cream sandwiches, philly cheesesteak..american classics!!



Celine and Adidas, a combo that I liked for 2012.




I also showed you how to serve Sashimi in an ice tray. If you have the time, try it!DSC_7172

Started going to Ikea for breakfast. It’s a great hangover cure and not too bad price wise. On Mondays I think one eats breakfast for free…



Yummy cake!


Black truffle hot pot with a bonito and cream broth.



Got obsessed with uniforms, and still am…


Half sleeve hoodies.





Saving my most ‘successful’ post for last. In fashion, success is measured by money, unfortunately.. it’s true. You know how designers get fired when they can’t ‘bring home the bacon’ right? With a blog post I’d say success is measured by tweets and facebook likes. Hehe. also think people love to integrate human experiences into a dog’s life…Rocky and her adidas tracksuit get a lot of weird attention on the streets.





Someone made fun of me, this pic, saying that it was a juvenile photoshop job. I have since tried to find better techniques.


I had to also share ONE of many super foolish mistakes I made in 2012. Going to B&H will remain a constant, but going there on a Saturday during Passover will take the cake. Jeez.. what was I thinking!


Now however you spent 2012, you know it’s going to be better in 2013, or at least you’ll try your best. But you can also tell me in the comments what you want to see more of…and I read every single comment, and each one of them affects me, especially the criticism…and I hope that’s reflected on here.. I try my best to respond and stuff like that. Whew getting all these images was a real hassle but 2013 here we go! See you next year and thanks for reading. Be safe when you go out tonight.