Summer Lobster Salad


The weather has finally switched, or at least I hope so. Last night I hardly got any sleep because my room was a little too balmy….. Of course I am now stocking my fridge with tons of Kale, Arugula, and another one of my favorite greens…Baby Spinach. A month or so ago, two of my friends and I were at Nobu. We met around 8 and it happened to be one of those really fun, long dinners, we stayed until everyone left and the restaurant was trying to close (around 1 am I think it was)? It was one of those…. 3 bottles of wine nights…by the end I think we had literally ordered about half the menu. Our favorite dish had been the lobster salad with baby spinach. So very delicious, but also expensive. We were happily stuck in a white wine haze but a $450 bill had slammed us back to reality. A triple CC split was still no buffer, clearly we had gone overboard. I had to bring my favorite baby spinach lobster salad home. Below, a DSLR image of my two favorite cuffs on this poor lobster. Instagram leakage already happened.


This is my improvisation and I suggest you add your own little twist to it as well… I have no idea what the restaurant recipe is and it’s not important to know exactly how everything is made all the time, just important to play it by ear until it tastes good. Here I used some melted butter, truffle oil, saffron, soy sauce, lemon juice and it’s zest and red hot pepper flakes. This combination was fantastic. Just mix everything together in a bowl until it is well incorporated.


I steamed the lobster and let them cool, you don’t want to overcook these lobsters of course. This salad is perfect for summer because it is very easy. Dress the spinach and place the lobster meat on top.



Presentation wise, I kept it crude and minimalist. Just a slate of glass, and the salad placed directly on top. All I need are some forks. My history teacher in Middle School would say this to us all the time when it came to essay writing. K.I.S.S. He would write this out on the chalkboard and turn around to say the acronym out loud. Keep it simple stupid.


I suggest chilled sake or super cold white wine with this. Thanks for reading. More soon.