Leather Scarf

I’m still on the hunt for concise ways to style for fall. And my focus is now around the neck. I knew that a leather scarf would be a necessity for my wardrobe, but design wise I had to come up with a concept. In my last post, someone left a comment about how the idea and the final outcome for McDonalds’ was “louche and laconic“. Well for this scarf, those were the exact words I was looking for to describe the feeling/aesthetic of it. Something fast & luxurious.


Leather can be quite stifling though. It doesn’t stretch much and sometimes it can be stiff. I was on the hunt for the perfect, softest stretch leather. I knew it would be cost double the price of regular leather. And I hovered between using cheap fake leather, stretchable, but no I wanted to use 100% genuine stretchable leather for this. Had some serious issues when I was with my vendor, but the problem with designing something so minimal is that you need to only use the best. Now I am just obsessing over this soft stretch leather I have. The possibilities, I can do some clothes..tops with it..but that will come later..You can’t believe how comfortable it is to wear. I saw all these leather tees being worn lately and it always feels and looks kind of uncomfortable. But I experimented with this stretch leather and it feels close to wearing a knit.


Facing for this scarf is leather, but on the inside (where it will touch your neck) I used some soft 2 x 2 rib knit. I didn’t tag it with my label because this way you have the option to wear it on the knit side too if you want, but if you have the option of wearing the leather side, I can’t see why you’d want to reverse!!


The pattern, geometric, a triangle to be tied around the neck. Laconic comes now. Tie once or twice around the back and you’re out the door. The key here is simplicity, comfort, and also this idea that since the knit stretches, the leather should stretch too. Then everything vibes nicely. And the scarf can definitely work on both man or woman. Available now in the e-shop.