Leather and Knit

Another quick post here before I head back into the studio this week for long hours and no time to post…About 2-3 months ago, I’d been working on a small line of leather and knit basics- there were about 7-8 designs but I never got around to finishing the samples because orders were coming in from the e-shop too quickly. Sometimes knits can be kind of nebulous not only fit but also in texture and structure..They’ve replaced the bias cut wonderfully in fit, but I thought it would be nice to design some pieces using not only knit but also leather- I love working with leather and I thought the combination would work well, since one is soft and fluid, the other stiff and structured. I think we all wear at least 1 knit item every single day right? It’s the most common fabric in so many closets and I know I always wear one knit thing every day. If I ever had a diffusion line, these are things I’d end up designing.

You guys have already seen this mock neck sweater with the leather strip going down the side- the design concept behind this was to utilize the leather strips for the purpose of streamlining the figure and bringing the seams towards the front to create a slimming look. The dress to the right is a long sleeve fine gauge knit dress with a bias cut skirt. The skirt portion was lined so that it doesn’t stick to my legs, or thighs. The front features a leather yolk with an exposed center zip. Very easy to wear without looking sloppy. It is incredibly soft and comfortable, feels like wearing nothing. Below are the two designs I got around to completing.







I’m wearing Luxirare leather panel dress, Luxirare mock snakeskin biker jacket & Luxirare cage bag.