Laced Up

Clothes; Long sleeve shirt + Lace up pants both by Luxirare.



I used a washed silk for the long sleeve shirt and zipper teeth.


Is this what your early twenties is supposed to feel like?? The only person you can depend on is yourself.



The cross pendant is also something I put together with random jewelry parts + charms I found. I’ve worn the stacked jewelry before in a post I did way back.


You can see I left all the edges of the shirt raw and organic in terms of hem. I used up leftover fabric to make this and this was how it was cut before I sewed the shirt on and I decided to leave it.



Shoes, Demonia wedges.










I had the pants tuck over the shoes, instead of lacing them all the way down.


I also styled the pants this way, with an Obesity and Speed shirt and Missoni Cardigan.