Korean Tacos

Okay so Korea and Mexico are different countries but one things for sure, we enjoy a similar style of serving food. A medley of meat and vegetables with some sauce wrapped up in thin shells. So the more technical term here is “GooJeolPan” which is a dish consisting of 9 different sauteed vegetables and crepe skins. This dish too was part of the “Food for the king” menu. But I just enjoy the casual nature of it, perfect for a night in front of the tv, some friends, and beer. Process of cooking this dish is not so casual, as you must lightly sautee many different ingredients, and jeez, the crepes are a considerably difficult.


The most important part of this recipe starts off with sauteed meat and vegetables. I used sirloin but you can also use lamb. But I wouldn’t suggest using chicken.


Somehow the crabmeat was included here, but you don’t have to sautee that, just steam it…Vegetables consist of shitake mushrooms, chives, carrots and cucumbers.


Onto one of the most important parts, the crepes that will be used to wrap the veggies and meats. The wrap batter is a mixture of eggs, flour, salt and water. But here I added a twist and used green tea powder along with red beet powder for some variety and color.



These are actually quite tricky to make, there should be no burn marks and the crepes should be very thin. I used a cutter for the perfect circle shape. The first 3-4 crepes will always be a disaster, but you’ll see it will get easier. And then it’s just a matter of controlling each one under a very low flame.


Yes try to get these as thin as possible. The red beet one was my favorite, it had a nice tang to it.


Each vegetable should be julienned all with uniform lengths. Also included in this medley are cooked eggs, separated egg whites and yolks cooked in thin sheets on pans. This image below, how the egg whites should look..The way these ingredients are cut affect the final presentation and texture/flavor of the dish, if everything was inconsistent, that would be very bad.


To serve.


To the upper right you will see the sauce, which is a mixture of mustard powder, sugar, vinegar and water.








To assemble.





Well there you go, mini taco style Korean food here..And so delicious. A tip, if you negate the meat and seafood you can keep it vegan, you can also omit the eggs from the crepe mixture.. A healthier option. But you know how I feel about being vegan, simply not possible for me to be one.