Jalouse and Ceci Magazine

I’m constantly blown away by the amount of support I receive, no matter how small compared to the blogs that are in the 20k Alexa range. I don’t really know how it happened but I’m really passionate about the work I do and I’m happy that you guys share the same philosophy of luxury, design, and beauty, and I’m even more happy that in our modern day and age there is a chance for everyone to share their work.




From the start of this blog, I’ve been very reluctant to lend out samples to magazines, promote my brand through hassling buyers at department stores and boutiques, and even more reluctant to give interviews. I’ve been lucky to receive attention from other bloggers and the more established websites that are run by bigger media companies, but I hate this idea of an interview, because you can’t take anything you say back, and I’m always changing so I don’t want people to hold this stereotype of me. I also hate this idea of constant self promotion, why can’t things just happen naturally, since when did everyone become so desperate for fame…? But with the two people who requested an interview I felt I could trust them and it just felt natural this time around.. Also, the more people know about something, the less intimate things get, exposure is a double edged sword. My readership is mainly comprised of young women who live in the United States, so I do find it slightly ironic that I’m being featured in a small French publication and a major Korean fashion magazine (Ceci is also distributed in Japan) but still very grateful to be featured. I took the time to scan high resolution images of the double page feature in case you are korean and you can read it well. I would have taken the time to translate this but I can only speak korean fluently, I’m not so good at reading it, I could but it gives me headaches! Anyway, thanks so much for your support, I’ll be back soon!