It’s not illegal yet..LOL…


Today I am doing “some work” I have a lot to prepare for (I have to book a fucking play for a woman whose visiting for business, so I’m in a rush, work stuff to deal with because I don’t have an assistant, yet….) but today I am done imposing my spectacle of hate that has OH SO CONFUSED the majority of followers who thought I was a non human robot. No I know your assumptions were that there were a team or that I was secretly a 90 year old asian or italian man. No, I am not.

I think your world started to crumble when you saw my Champagne and Strawberries video. I was performing, it was live, but it still happened. That’s when FRANK PRISINZANO started to crush on me. That’s when the instagram “fake love” went down. Only my loyal followers on the gram KNOW THIS. Because they were following his account and mine at the same time and seeing what we were liking. They knew about my ex boyfriend who was being maliciously stalked by FRANK PRISINZANO because he was trying to make me feel as though he were on “my side”. No asshole, you are with Arina Ahmed you don’t have to protect me from the emotional drama from my ex. I was dealing with that PRIVATELY AND WAS NEVER GOING TO GO PUBLIC ON ANYONE AROUND HERE BUT YOU STARTED IT PAL.

Anyways. I am so tired of the hate actually… It is so exhausting but I am 100% sure MANREPELLER reads my blog. Lady, if you think I am still waiting around for you to give me a shout out trust me I have given up. You are so ugly. Not on the inside. But your heart is so ugly that I don’t care how beautiful you are on the outside.

Now, I might take this one step further. I will spend time stalking her on instagram, reading between the lines, and stalking her book & website. I see what’s going on with her and STYLE.COM but I’m not sure WHAT’S GOING ON. I need to do my research.

It is completely up to you, my readers. If nobody speaks up on this post I will probably keep my mouth shut. Are you kidding I have eating, driving, and sewing to do. But if you leave a comment or suggestion about ANYTHING AT ALL, EVEN INSIDE INFORMATION, LEAVE A FUCKING COMMENT ON THIS POST because I am not going to decide whether or not to give a closing argument on this woman by myself. It is too confusing to figure out what is going on with her.

By the way CYBERBULLYING? Are you joking bitch? So long as we are all online you are a coward if you don’t stand up for yourself. I will say WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT and it’s always an open discussion. You are the one that chose to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE as any sort of STANDARD so make sure it is AUTHENTIC because your audience has FEELINGS DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I don’t do cyberbullying I mentally MURDER… Look up HASHTAG MENTAL MURDER ON INSTAGRAM and you will SEE I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE SORRY.