Italian Style

I was a little too curious about what the food looks like in an Italian Mcdonald’s. Thank god there was a Mcdonald’s conveniantly situated within the Santa Maria Novella Stazione. Before my eurostar commute to Bologna from Florence, I made sure to stop by and order something.


I knew the fries would taste more or less the same so I didn’t bother but I did order a small burger, I have to admit it was very delicious. I was this close to buying another one but I had to catch the train. The burger was topped with silky mozzarella cheese, some kind of thousand island blend sauce, and a piece of lettuce. The meat was tastier, maybe the cows have more freedom in Italy? Or maybe I don’t know the reason… Also note the dried herb freckles on the bun, this too added a strong scent to the rest of the ingredients.