iPhone Wallet Necklaces


It has been quite a long time since I first thought of the idea behind this post. Do you remember when Steve Jobs passed? (Yes that was rhetorical, sorry)…. I planned on doing this whole tribute post, designing accessories around all of the beautiful gadgets he’s created. But I can’t rush such things, everything needs to happen in it’s own time. I hate to apply the word ‘God’ to any mere mortals but Steve Jobs really is such a huge inspiration for me and in so many ways, god like…and I know every person in the tech industry should feel the same way. I wish Steve Jobs designed everything from supermarkets, food, and even fashion. But I understand if he felt fashion was too petty to pursue full time….Can you imagine what would happen if Steve Jobs became a fashion designer or even an accessories designer??


Of course the inspiration behind my new design is all about functionality, creating something for a piece of technology. And yes I mentioned before that pursuing fashion full time for Jobs would have felt too petty for him and right now I am feeling that pettiness at full force. Just look at me. I am merely designing the shell, the carrier, when you eat clams do you really give a damn about anything else other than what’s on the inside… Of course we have to just look at this incredibly meticulous, beautiful, minimal packaging here. Everything has a reason for being, and it is just a piece of art in itself. It is hard not to get emotional when you unravel your new iPhone…..or is it just me? I just love the feeling, that matte white, the silver text that sparkles “Designed by Apple in California”. And no doubt Jobs meant for me to notice it all.



And no I am not one of those people that likes weird for the sake of weird. Well because I am just not really weird I guess, the epitome of what you would call a ‘Normie’. If it makes sense to me, I like it. Everything about this iPhone packaging makes perfect sense.


Before we get to my new design, I need to take care of some things, like cleaning my earphones. I hate dirty white strings. Some alcohol and cotton from Muji will take care of this business. Can’t have grey earphones tainting my new designs, however petty they may be!






I like to have full control over the whole process, from the design, to photographing my design, to even packaging it. What can I say? I am a control freak, it’s quite unattractive..For these little bags, I wanted to use those hologram patterns, kind of inspired by candy store packaging..But of course I had to design it with a little window so you get a clue of what’s inside…






Now onto the design. I always look at the material first to get some kind of idea of what I’ll do, and I knew for sure that I’d be using neon leather. But for 1 month I researched the market to see what was out there. Lots of clunky business like leather iphone-wallet hybrids, that you couldn’t even hang around your neck in case you wanted to, but also they lacked a designer’s touch and a light, mobile feeling. On one hand there are designers or brands that are creating iPhone cases that look something like this…And here are some other examples in the same vain. Yes, these designs are all minimal and beautiful, but I don’t think it’ll be realistic for me to keep my iphone in a sleeve, only because I want to be able to see my iPhone at all times for important texts. Like what time is a nice long wine dinner with girlfriends, where are we meeting…? What time is the movie?  Or if my crush at any given moment has texted me. And to have a Louis Vuitton logo-ized iPhone sleeve, I don’t know, not really my thing.


Black and white leather options available as well.


For this design I was keen on creating a double zip closure. The second compartment behind the iPhone mesh carrier is for your credit cards and cash, and the front is for your iPhone. You have the option of just carrying the iPhone in your hand, as I like to do, but when I’m driving or out and about I also want the option of keeping it near and secure. But this double zip closure is fast and keeps everything organized. I apologize but I never tested this with a blackberry, possibly it fits depending on your model, but the dimensions of this bag are listed in the shop so you can double check. I had a Blackberry for a while but experienced many failures with it. Frozen screens, slow e-mail, and I do love my iPhone instagram..


I used genuine leather to create the necklace strap. Chain would not have been smart because the iphone is heavier, the leather feels very comfortable around the neck even with a touch of added weight.





This mesh pocket allows for light navigating. Of course it will be impossible to search the web through it, but you will be able to start stop and pause your music through this mesh without having to take it out. I also like it because I know when I get texts right away. I don’t know why I really do not enjoy talking on the phone. I will only do it if my friend is going through a crisis or if my parents have something important to tell me, but my world is usually divided into two categories. Texting or IRL talking. Preferably there is some dry white wine involved for IRL.. Phone chatting is so awkward, what do people even talk about…I have nothing to say I guess, so boring.  Growing up my parents were really strict, but in American culture everyone is calling each other up after school to just chat…so my friends would call me, secretly I didn’t like to talk but you know peer pressure and all…my parents would always stomp in and ask me what in the hell I was babbling on and on about. I also love texting because no one gets offended if you suddenly stop, very non committal.



Black and white leather in the same design..of course as much as I love flouro leather I am also thinking about people who will consider  vanilla options. I am very vanilla as well so I understand. I really like the plain black one.


Back of each iPhone wallet necklace is fleshed out in 100% leather as well.







That hole at the top, of course it is not there just for sh*ts and giggles. Earphones.





During work, going out to lunch, always have your iPhone close to you.




Simple t-shirt and jeans. Done. Also, you can check instagram for more updates on this item, how to style it, etc.


Just something efficient and light for summer, for concerts, driving in convertibles..loitering outside of 7-11…great for bars too because I am always paranoid that my phone is gone. You know life is really over when you lose your cellphone.  All designs are available in the shop now, in every shade. Which one are you..?


Oh look, you can see through this mesh that someone has text messaged me. It was for a wine-dinner couple nights ago. My absolute FAVORITE thing is to do a long dinner with bottles of white wine with close friends or family at a nice restaurant..My life has gotten so hectic lately, that if I didn’t make the extra effort to really see my friends, I knew I’d lose touch with them, and the close ones are really important. Thanks for reading, more soon.