iPhone 5 Purses


If you can remember a while ago I designed those iPhone wallet necklaces…and now it was time for a purse that could fit the iPhone 5, plus a little wiggle room. Meaning you can fit more stuff in there, and wear it as a purse.

You can see the older iPhone 4 bags, and visually this could read like a timeline, basically I carried over elements and just reduced or expanded them. What I noticed in 2012 was that I need to have my phone attached to my hand most of the time. So for this year it made no sense to design a newer bag that had a zip closure for the phone. Instead I made a slip pocket. Requirement: Just snug enough so that it fits the iPhone 5, and tight enough that when turned upside down it doesn’t fall out. You can also see that originally I did a double zipper compartment for the first version, and for this I expanded it into compartments of three. What’s most important though is that you just have this open (but tight) pocket where you slip your phone in just for those short moments where you don’t need to hold it in your hand. Some of these bags don’t even have a mesh compartment, and you don’t even have to use it for an iPhone 5, but it was originally built around the new version. It can be thought of as a small purse as well. You can technically put an iPhone 4 in here (the mesh compartment) but it will slip out (if you turn it upside down) due to it’s smaller size. Just letting you know.



A stingray version for you, but with no mesh. This one still fits the iPhone 5, but you’ll have to slip it into one of the compartments.




Logo slightly pressed in, but I wanted it to be very light, almost like it’s disappearing. I know some people have an aversion to mesh. Kind of like how some feel about cilantro. I used to feel like mesh was just bad. It reminded me of those travel cases for shampoos and makeup…but now I just love the look. It’s got a strong utilitarian vibe and combined with a much more expensive material like leather creates a certain kind of friction.




My to do list notebook and sketchbook are one, and here I did a quick sketch on public transportation.






I talked a little before about how I like to mix more utilitarian materials with very luxurious ones like this snakeskin here. If you took this to it’s literal edge, it could even remind you of snakes being caught in mesh.




But still my favorite is just the plain black mesh one. It has a very stealth vibe to it. Or at least I think so.




The idea behind the iPhone 5 bag with hardware, well I wanted a smaller version of my travel bag. If you can remember that one…The triple zipper idea was used for the travel bag too, but I quite like it for a smaller purse too. The hardware elements that are carried over are obvious.





Each purse comes with a leather strap.



Magnetic detach.


Besides the sketch, my original and most genuine intent for this purse was to create something nondescript. Something that kind of felt invisible.


…I like this idea that this bag can be handled carelessly. It’s not intimidating. Only people with investigative eyes will look. And aren’t those the ones you want to attract? Again to add an important point, the phone will not fall out if you turn the bag upside down. I had a photo of holding it upside down but it’s mysteriously gone.


And wanted something that slung around the body teeny bit higher up than usual.



Now to get on to what you put inside. Besides the usual cash and credit card (which we should be using on our phones in the year 2013) you can also bring perfume, lipstick, and anything else you think is important. But if you do smoke, this purse does fit a box (it is quite snug but it zips up).







For days I struggled… struggling to find that one missing element on this purse. It was this metal tip. For a while the bag rested on these hoops, and yes the hoops on the zipper could open and close the zipper, but it was a pathetic excuse for a period to a sentence. Everything I saw in terms of zipper pulls felt wrong, until this missing piece came along and actually this hardware isn’t even a zipper pull, I just applied it as one.. I had to find something that was parallel…parallel to the feeling of this purse which is short and stubby. My favorite part of bags, is of course, the cherry on top..screwing in the final hardware. Get ‘em here.