One of my favorite salad combinations are usually those that involve a good dosage of avocado, and cooked shellfish (lobster, shrimp, crabmeat). I played with the actual shape and textured skin of the avocado and brought that into consideration when I was making this avocado salad. Its not hard at all, and its perfect to surprise your guests with. If they don’t like it, a surprised reaction of “WTF” will at least register in their minds. Better to have a strong reaction to something than no reaction at all.


Ingredients for salad; lime, garlic, cilantro, crab leg meat pulled out, sprouts, dried cranberries, red onion for some color.


This is how your salad should look like once its mixed up. Also toss with olive oil and some salt. I kept the dressing really simple, just lime and olive oil. The ingredients speak for themselves.


Do you think we’re done? No not yet. You could serve the salad like this, and it would be passable. But why be passable when you can go nuts with it? Dish is available here; Jayson Home



Mash avocado, and spread it on top of clear wrap. Place the salad inside.


Place it inside where you carved out your avocado. You shouldn’t carve out the whole avocado meat, you should leave a thick skin of avocado.


Crust flavorings; red peppercorn, dried edamame, wasabe sesami seeds, black sesame seeds, sunflower seeds.


Grind them all together.


Drench your avocado shell with the ground up seeds. You can see, I left a shell of avocado that wasn’t mashed to cover the whole thing.


The cutlery featured here is available at Jayson Home




Do you see the layers of the mashed up avocado and the shell that I left hard? You need the outer shell to hold its shape.