I’m a stepford psycho

Like totally, hi Audrey like what’s up girl like OMG are you in POLITICS like totally but I’m like, a fashion blogger….OMG and why are you so mad that CHARLIE STILL LIKES MARNI? Like it’s not her FAULT OMG!!! LAUGH OUT LOUD.

LIKE OMG but why are you wearing a head band you’re not an indian girl…or are you? Like I have NO CLUE like OMG!

Like seriously though get a grip because I don’t care about your politics or the fact that you dated Terry because like that doesn’t make you cool and no I don’t care if you interview cool people you are STILL like OMG the girl who dated Terry. No I don’t hate you I am laughing at work because the fact that you DATED him is PURE COMEDY.


and like PEE ESS BABE You are tired of seeing me around oh no like I am the one who AVOIDS YOU at all costs, like totally. Oh and more PEE ESSING I will never take style advice from you like I don’t care how much celine you have in your closet like totally.