How did I live without this?


Using this bag I designed a while ago as my makeup bag right now.





Two new additions to my very concise collection of beauty products, giorgio armani foundation and blushing fabric.. This foundation by Giorgio Armani has been around for a while now and several people I know raved about this stuff but I thought how can foundation be that amazing? It doesn’t even matter because I don’t use foundation, mostly it makes me look like a creepy masked version of myself and my skin tone is pretty even so I don’t even bother. But lately I just wanted more of a clean base for my skin tone so I caved and made the purchase recently (as an impulse buy I got the blushing fabric blush as well, which is like this super matte stain for cheeks) and even though it cost somewhere around $60 I do not regret it. It looks like I’m not wearing foundation when it’s on. The crazy thing is you only need so little of it, don’t know what’s in there but with a little droplet you get so much coverage. I got one that’s 1 shade darker from my skin for a little color, I highly recommend this if you’re in the market for a new foundation. Please feel free to make any suggestions if you think there is one better than this one, I don’t think it’ll be easy to top it though!