Hot Pot

Fall food: something hot, satisfying and maybe even a little fatty. It’s true, I tend to eat more when the weather gets chillier. A smoker may wish his paranoia away, thinking, how nice would it be if I could smoke on and on and never worry about lung cancer. For fall I may have similar, quite useless thoughts towards food, nice would it be to indulge in all this comfort food and not worry so much about my weight or the unhealthy consequences… Well this time I am indulging and NOT worrying. This is a chinese dish so I know 100% I’m not doing things the proper way (as I am not chinese) but I think everyone can benefit from trying food from different cultures. Pizza and Burgers are my favorites too but life is too short to confine yourself. A hot pot today with chinese sausage, marinated chicken and mushrooms all steamed over rice.


The spine of this dish is marinated chicken. I am using a combination of white meat and dark meat, but it’s not crazy to do all dark meat because it’s more flavorful. I used that Maggi soy sauce, with sake, crushed garlic, lemon, ginger, and peanut oil. Longer it sits the better. I never do recipes but you can check here if you want a more detailed explanation of this dish. ¬†Also I don’t think it would be bad to get a whole chicken and cut it with the skins on and everything…it may add more flavor. Maybe that is the more authentic way to do it.






I kept it quite simple for the ingredients here, chopped cilantro, red pepper, mushrooms, chinese sausage, and that chicken. This sausage is quite chewy and even a little sweet, it adds another dimension of flavor to the rice.




A side of pickled cabbages for a cold refreshing bite. Something to offset the heartiness of the rice pot dish.


And a sparkling beverage. Yes there is some alcohol in this soda-like, fruit flavored drink. The best part about these drinks is that it’s not so sweet. The yuzu was fantastic, and I love grapefruit juices as you already know. I don’t know maybe this is like the Japanese version of Mikes’ Lemonade??



Apply the concept of cooking rice, but just when the rice starts to set, add all the ingredients. That way all the flavors meld. A dish that screams fall.




It is quite easy for food snob types… -not the cool, Anthony Bourdain kind- but I’m talking about people who are very close-minded about food of different write this dish off as unsophisticated or crude. Because in metropolitan areas people are much more open minded about food (from my stats I see most of my readers come from Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris..etc..) I can easily assume that this dish isn’t adventurous for my readers, in Asia this kind of food is quite normal, the least adventurous…..but I have come across those who give that “eye” when they see something unfamiliar or smelling a bit weird…And I went to a high school where everyone was pretty much this way about food with even my friends saying ‘korean food’ was kind of creepy…But I never understand why people are proud of this attitude or closeminded-ness. But on a more positive note, this one time I saw a white, super-waspy old-money kind of gentleman sitting next to me at the bar of Masa eating the whole head of a fish (every nook and cranny) along with the eyeballs! I just sat there thinking, only my dad does this kind of thing! ¬†Well I guess I am no different from those judgemental food types…I just can’t eat the eyeballs…I have lines and you know I have to draw them!


This is like my Ina Garten spin on this dish, the Creuset pots just remind me of her…I added extra soy sauce and cilantro.