Hooters: the new work lounge

The last place I want to go nowadays for work outside of the studio is Starbucks. Sometimes I like to be outside of the studio to do some work, it is nice to be surrounded with a couple of friends, check e-mail, show each other stuff… This time I was uptown for some meeting and I just happened to have my laptop because I had to do a casual presentation…met my friends at hooters after, where the women are scantily clad, and the wifi is free.


The ambiance is quite nice no?


Luxirare Travel Bag. Great for laptops and DSLRs.


Now I am about to check my e-mail…..


Coors on tap, oh yes. Only bad thing about this setup is that pitchers tend to yield warm beer 10 minutes later.


Please don’t judge me for leaving my sunglasses on, I just like to have them on in general..comfortable…


The best, or my favorite way to get wings here are naked, with sauce on the side. The fried crumbly stuff….not my style. 911 sauce..!


Fried pickles. Done.


After a couple of beers….One of the girls gave me this hat…