Half-Sleeve Leather Hoodies

Hey guys. I’m so over everything right now, really. Weather’s cold outside, making my way out of dream state at 4-5 am, I’m just craving warmth under the covers, and I’m this close to jetting down south for warmer climates. Why can’t spring come sooner? This blasé feeling is definitely going to influence the way I dress for spring. I’m craving strict uniforms and by strict, I mean really strict. I don’t want to think, already have my 2 acne jeans picked out, two mock neck shirts from Nike, and a classic oxford shirt. Sneakers: adidas and nike. Two pairs of heels. Ready to go. But I just needed one more thing. A sharp spring jacket. This I can’t buy, I have to design. What I want? It’s not out there yet. A jacket that cuts to the chase, no fussing around. When you know exactly what you need, you can afford to be concise.

My minimized wardrobe. I meant it when I said that I can’t be bothered with frivolous pieces here and there. I just need rules rules rules, at least for now. I am already starting to wear a uniform day to day.


You remember when I had my cashmere sweater half rolled up like this for the egg in a hole post?  With a long black sleeved shirt underneath? Well this was out of necessity. When I work, I can’t have a long sleeve sweater dangling, it’s just annoying, that feeling. Feels suffocating, and sometimes you worry that you might get something on it. So I just rolled it up like this, so I could cook and shoot easily. But then after I did this the first day, I really liked the feeling, and I started rolling it up everyday. I would wear different shirts underneath, like a blue oxford, but the idea was the same. Technically you could ask, well … why don’t you just take your sweater off? Well yea, but then I’m going to be cold, so when I have the sleeves rolled up, I get the best of both worlds. This functional styling ritual gave me my idea for the next design. Again, NO inventions, just modern updates on classics. History should repeat itself. I wanted to take a classic zip hoodie, and cut to the chase. Leather fleshed, sleeves cut to the elbow. That is all.


My new design.


White and black. Maybe you wonder why there are no other colors. Again, I’m kind of over everything right now. Colors feel gratuitous, and I like to go with my instinct. Do I really want a red hoodie? Pink blue green orange?? Patchwork??? No thank you! Already enough merchandise pollution out there, designers creating color variations, things ending up at Century 21 or TJ MAXX, I feel it’s too careless and unsustainable to create items just out of my own selfish desire. Designs have to have a reason for existing. And that is why I create.


In addition to my new acne jeans, my two nike shirts and my oxford shirt, I have two new spring jackets ready to go.


No lining no hiding. What does that mean? Well if you don’t have a lining inside a jacket, that means you can’t hide your seam mistakes. Minimizing is always harder, even though you might not want to believe it. All the complicated looking stuff looks harder, but in reality cutting to the chase is much more difficult. I didn’t add lining because it’s a spring jacket, and do you really want to be sweating? Lining just adds another gratuitous layer.


Zippers? RiRi.





Had to add pockets too, always need a place to slip my hands. Pockets are integrated into the seam.


Adidas sneakers, my heels, nike sneakers, and YSL cage boots. All the curiosity with the sneakers..Getting questions in my inbox, comments..so funny.




My uniform. My hoodie, oxford shirt, and black jeans. For the black hoodie, I’ll do a white mock neck shirt with blue jeans. White blue black, black white blue. Uniforms. This will be my spring setup.


Inspired by car seat styles, I added a panel of perforated leather to add a little breathing room to the sides.


Bags, I have bigger wallet necklaces available now. I like to wear the bigger ones over my shoulder though.


The smaller wallet necklace can be clipped on to the bigger one? That is only if you own both.



I’m wearing the black one here, the look can definitely be feminine too, I’m wearing it with my heels, I like to have the straps cuffed over my jeans. Keeps the shoes more secure?



Got to keep my finger on the music trigger.


When the music goes off, the earphones just dangle out of my hoodie. I love these muji ones, they are magnetic so the earphones just come together as one. So smart and functional…Typical for Muji though right??









Black white blue, White blue black. Heels or sneakers? Depends on the occasion. The new bags and the jackets are available now.