Guinea Pig

Airport lounge.




During my month-long trip I knew I’d put the Luxirare travel bag through the ultimate test. This bag made my life very easy, taking my laptop in and out out of the bag was a breeze anywhere I went, whether it was on the Eurostar, airplane, airport lounges, train stations….I was also able to whip out my camera at any moment, and all of these devices were kept in one bag which was the best part- no dangling camera and no hiding laptop. At any given moment my most important gadgets were closeby. The only complaint I have is how annoying it is to get internet when you are travelling. Why isn’t internet access free yet?? (This is a rhetorical question obviously) And why does my laptop even attempt to join a network when 1.) it usually requires a password 2.) it prompts you to pay for it 3.) it connects but the connection is so weak that you might as well not use it??

Anyway, the wifi thing is out of my control but I am considering an upgrade for this bag. Lots of people asked if this bag is very heavy, it wasn’t. Considering everyone brings a laptop on board anyway adding another lightweight DSLR (Nikon d90) + 1 more lense wasn’t a hassle at all…But if I could upgrade this bag I’d add wheels and a extendable handle so that you can wheel it around the ground instead of carrying it.