Can you believe this utter nonsense! I’m taking food photos again. I need the white table. I need strong light. I love non-spotty, uber clean, white surroundings. I love to take photos of what I eat. But it turns out that a million other fellow “fashion” bloggers are taking a gazillion food photos on their blog and on their instagram accounts. We live in a world of killer clothes, fine cuisine, eating disorders, selfies, fast metabolisms, and girls in bikinis! It’s called the world of instagram fashion blog accounts.

Some fashion bloggers do the opposite, they try to be “cool” and whatever so they wear all black, they know about labels like Celine, Whyred, and Yada Yada, they love “sterile, lab-like” beauty products and there’s a gazillion photos of a dog in a bed or in a pool. It’s just like not entertaining anymore. That was me in like, 1992. And pal, aren’t you like, 45 years old. Ha! I just hope I’m not 45 and like ending up a fashion poseur on instagram..it would be devastating.

Fashion, shopping, eating at Nobu with my mom when I was 6 years old at the bar being like “MOM YOU BETTER GET ME THAT $8 DOLLA PER PIECE TORO OR IMMA STOMP OUTTA HERE CRYING” type of brat…That was me…And I clearly remember Momofuku or what’s his name…Oh Morimoto who was the sushi slinger at the bar at Nobu back in the 90s lookin’ at me with such hate in his eyes. It is not my fault my parents exposed me to such wildly orgasmic foods at such a young age.

I feel so bad for my mother. Poor mother. The type of torture I’ve unleashed upon her throughout the years. “No mom I can’t wear those Blahniks, I want my Galliano stilettos..RIGHT NOW!!!”“No mom, I can’t show up to school in a HONDA CIVIC!!! Z4 YOU PROMISED!!!!”….

It’s no wonder she stopped having kids after me. Anyway. I post today to offer you some very simple dining solutions. Now I think this is PALEO (not sure), but this is a super easy dinner combination that literally requires NOTHING but you plopping a piece of hardened (yet soft on the inside) cheese. Yes, you can literally grill the cheese itself, and no I’m not talkin’ about “GRILLED CHEESE” with that disgusting (but delicious) yellow kraft cheese in between buttered shaves of white.


This dinner or lunch is carb free and if you eat it at night, you won’t have to worry about feeling bloated. Yes I actually eat the food I post. Unlike some bloggers I know….





Take it off the grill, and all you do, quite literally, is drizzle the arugula with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper, and place the warm cheese on top. Don’t forget lemon!




What’s great about this is that the crust (before cooked) is already hardened before you place it on the grill. This way you can actually grill it, because the cheese won’t melt all over the place. And the crust gets harder and crunchier…just delicious. It’s really good.


Served on a slab of white ceramic, with my CUTIPOL cutlery. No I can’t do Hermes cutlery or anything fancy. It’s too “try hard”…My audience and I have to be snobbier than that. Cutipol is not as “known” and it’s the kind of cutlery everyone “wants” when they come over and see it. Literally every single person is like “OMG where do I buy this”…The design is earthy but still metallic, industrialized, only at the top.