Great Style: Scott Disick

It can no longer be kept a secret. I look to Scott Disick for style inspiration. The cattle of it-girls with spindly legs and cheesy it bags just don’t do it for me. Some of you may think I’m crazy for thinking this, but he really does have great style.

My mother told me for years and years, never ever date or marry a straight man who is too concerned with the way he looks or likes to shop. They are 99% selfish and will never give a damn about you. I pretty much agree, I’ve met men like this and they are mostly the same. Selfish, very vain, etc and I’m never attracted to these kinds of guys…But we’re not talking marriage here, I can appreciate Mr. Disick’s style from afar without being attracted to him. He has an eye for color and he is very meticulous which are two things I can appreciate. I know Mr. Disick likes to do the Prep-on-Steroids’s nice but he could be one step closer to elusive cool if he got into some Raf Simons or Jil Sander. You know Raf Simons loves to do that futuristic preppy look.


I need to know where Mr. Disick’s leopard loafers are from…..