Going Purse-less

Recently I’ve noticed a surge of women not taking to purses, leaving more at home, and only bringing essentials. You may think the items in my photo below are my essentials. They are not actually. Or the cigarette box and lipstick are not, haha. The box and lipstick are shipping necessities for the Motovest.


As you know I am the paranoid, neurotic, control freak type. The paranoia, it has really got to stop. But I am always thinking about a million things a day, like ways to perfect a salmon skin roll, how to finish seams (or not finish them)…but lately I realized the only way to pack these motovests for my patiently waiting customers is to insert a brand new lipstick, and an empty cigarette box. In my thank you notes, I always ask people not to get offended by the cigarette box, as it’s empty, and it’s only there to keep these compartments in shape. If I don’t insert something there, they collapse. Photos from Instagram.


Not every customer has a way to contact me again after they get the item, but with instagram there is a way to communicate if they reach out, and I’m happy to see their reaction, I end up choosing a decent color (in my eyes) for lipstick to pack these vests, and one of the girls who had bought this vest said the lipstick was ‘her’ color. A super nice coincidence.