Gỏi cuốn

I won’t pretend I’m vietnamese or an expert at making their food but I might go bankrupt from spending 7$ everytime I want Vietnamese summer rolls at Whole foods so I decided I should learn how to make these myself. To my surprise these are deceptively hard to make! I think I ripped and demolished about four rolls (the skin is extremely delicate after you dunk it in hot water) and all the insides fell out because of my slashed wrappers!

Crepe like vietnamese spring rolls, these turn transparent when cooked.

70% of this dish starts out with dried carbs. Don’t think because they aren’t fried or slathered with thick sauce that they are ass or thigh friendly!!

Use fresh shrimp, or if you’re really feeling like Rachel Ray, just use cooked shrimp that come in those cocktail packs at the supermarket… I skewered them before steaming them to keep them very straight so they are easy to roll up.

Don’t overcook the shrimp, undress them and take the sticks out. You see how they’ve remained pretty straight.

After slightly cooking the outer wrapper, shock them in cold water so you can handle them and lay it out on a clean board. Start your first layer with fresh cilantro, and add on horizontally sliced shrimp. Place the colored side DOWN so that when you’re done rolling them they look somewhat attractive.

Thinly sliced carrots, use a mandolin…Also marinate them in Nước chấm (I made mine without the red hot chili pepper) sauce so the carrots don’t taste too plain.

Add Boston lettuce (not too much) Bun noodles, or vietnamese rice noodles…also marinate this in a bit of Nước chấm sauce.


Roll it up…

When you’re done it should look something like this. You see mine look pretty hefty..but I think its more traditional to make them thinner like thick pipes? Not sure..they taste good both ways..but if you want to make it thinner just add less stuff.



Its also common to use peanut sauce but I prefer the clean tasting Nước chấm sauce.