Freshly baked

Ha, no I didn’t bake this jacket, but actually… in a way …I did. One of the finishing touches to leather working (this technique is used for bags) is to literally blow dry the bag. This melts all the loose stitches. Of course one does not use a hair blow dryer, there’s a special heat gun for leather working…This heat also sets the leather, pulls in the seams, and structures the bag to keep it’s shape, so if you dry a square shaped bag, the bag will look squarer if you apply heat to it.. I use this method for leather jackets also, if there are any pattern pieces of leather that stretched out while sewing, you can heat the leather to bring it back to it’s original shape. It also helps set the lapel, collar, and sleeves. It’s kind of like sculpting the jacket at the very end, and it makes a world of difference between the cheapey leather jackets and the expensive looking ones. Everyone knows you can’t iron a leather jacket the way you can iron fabric, well this is kind of like ironing it. Kind of. I love doing it because I feel like the jacket came fresh out of the oven, like cookies. While it is somewhat enjoyable, it’s also dangerous. You can burn the leather if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m not finished with this design yet, I still have to add custom snaps and finish the arm lining.



I’m going nuts with the neon. I lined the collar with hot pink leather, and the jacket is lined in neon orange.


I’m like one of those old ladies who is addicted to quilting…at least for right now.




More soon.