Floating Fur

I often get pigeon holed into an idea when I am going through the process of constructing a garment. Last year when I was working on my thesis I got obsessed with stitching together different fabrics together, i.e. patchwork. I experimented mainly with spandexy textures, as well as lace.
These below are my first two attempts. Both are experiments of course.

Recently I devoted my free time continuing this patchwork experiment. I wanted to tackle the difficulty of patchworking two contrasting textures; something thin as air like organza and the other, a heavy pile..a fur type fabric.
I had in my mind an idea that patches of fur would be “floating” on top of sheer organza. I didn’t know what shapes to make the patches of the fur but then finally I decided it would have to be an organic line, the same way the edges of the skinned fur were organic. I also didn’t know how to finish the hem. It could possibly be straight? but then I realized that every good designer takes advantage of the natural abilities/benefits of the fabric itself, they don’t design against what the fabric offers. I often designed clothing against its natural abilities, and my garments would end up looking “stiff” or “awkward”.
I also envisioned something “prettier” looking but I realized once I finished this jacket it had a grotesque/savage quality to it. The weather has also been so hot/cold round here. Never know when to throw on FUR or when to throw on a crop top. This jacket was also an attempt to create an “in between the seasons” piece. The fur may keep warm but with the organza insets I wanted the jacket to breathe.
This was the base pattern for the patchwork jacket. I wanted to back to round out longer than the front hem


Raw materials. I used this fur, as well as black organza.