‘Feet’ shoe versions by 3 designers

Sometimes an idea is so strange or too kitschy for it to trickle down into the mass market, so it certainly feels like ideas can circulate only within the high-end spectrum. I don’t believe in this thing where if one designer did it, another isn’t allowed to go near that territory… This attitude is quite common in the snooty world of runway fashion, of course a hard copy (like when Chloe repeated those studded biker boots originally designed by Versace) is not that classy…but as long as there is enough variation I love to see different versions of the same concept. It is kind of like the designers way of putting their own stamp on things. I still can’t forget this shoe, the one with the feet painted on top, by Comme Des Garcons in 2009…I love it still! I just think it’s adorable.


Mcqueen (2009) takes this concept to a whole new (slightly off putting, creepy) level, adding a heel and sculpting feet formation. I feel for the cobblers who had to sculpt these. I do love this version too.


Last but not least, another version by Celine. I think I prefer this one to the Mcqueen, only because of the freshly manicured vibe I’m getting, there is less of that creepiness and more of a feminine twist. These are so unique, like nothing I’ve ever seen…and maybe they’ll even do a version in black. I also think it’s so ballsy (in a good way) for them to design something like this, kind of like saying F-U to having a requisite manicure at the salon (something I hate doing)…this is definitely for a lazy gal like me.