Fall Scarves, 2012


I like doing a series of designs, maybe because…well..how can you just stop at 1 idea when you have 4-5? And there’s the issue of colors, you know I’m quite the colorblind designer, I only see black and white most of the time. Well anyway, I initially wanted to show that triangle scarf first because it’s my absolute favorite, but by then I had already experimented with classic shapes, it was hard not to share them at once. Infinity, tube, and the triangle. But now they are expanded in a variety of materials, from expensive rabbit fur, to a super chunky roving yarn 1×1 gauge texture.

Well my second favorite piece out of this series is definitely this tube scarf. I used two vastly different textures and I just like the contrast, outside is made with lambskin leather, and on the inside a chunky knit. For comfort this piece is designed with an integrated knit fabric for stretch at the back. It fits all sizes.



It is also reversible, but of course I prefer the leather side. Don’t you??? Quite possibly my easiest piece in the wardrobe right now, I just throw it over my head. Love that. And you know I don’t like those dangling scarves where you have to loop it over your neck, and there’s all this extra fabric hanging down your coat…


This one follows the same concept as the first triangle scarf, but it’s made with white leather. Same concept with the knit lining.




Someone mentioned that I should design an infinity scarf in leather. I don’t know about that idea. Leather is unreasonable for that kind of item, because an infinity scarf inherently requires a ton of fabric. But I will easily integrate a chunky roving stitch scarf in infinity. These are looped twice below, but in the shop there are photos shown where it is unlooped. You can wear it both ways. I absolutely love this roving stitch, and sometimes the stitch is enough. Enough to justify a design concept.

33423 copy



Well I save the most expensive for last, and this idea came to me more recently.. A scarf made with Rabbit fur, and lined with lambskin leather. With this design there is more detail added, and you know I looked at those shearling collars for inspiration. I will definitely show you how to style and wear this with a full outfit post, but I wanted to start off with these minimal images. Check here for the full collection.