Fall ‘Flatforms’

I am sure you already heard about these ‘FLATFORM’ shoes, basically it is a shoe that has a platform but usually it’s below 3″ and the height doesn’t exceed throughout….They are usually attached to a sharp oxford, or a lace up shoe design. These below are by Diego Restrepo.


The best I’ve seen thus far are these flatforms by Degen. Thing with me is that I need just a little bit of height on the back, maybe a 1/2″ increase because flats are so uncomfortable for me to walk in. Just a little more in the back and I’m good to go. I would never even know about these unless it was for Shoelust’s instagram account, where she posted another version by Degen..The shape of the shoe was so amazing that I had to do a little more research so I just went directly to their e-shop. You will find these here.