Evocative Imagery

There were many images from the previous post that we meant to share, but couldn’t because then it’d drive you guys insane. We decided to separate the posts so we could share some evocative imagery that inspired us to create the previous design. There were so many forms we looked at before we went ahead to produce the final prototype.

Of course our main inspiration was bikers.



While Anastasia and I were tweaking the final design, I sent her sketches of the design but she also sent me hers, I loved to see this snapshot of her sketchbook, Anastasia is the kind of person who keeps a very expressive, detailed sketchbook, it’s really beautiful. I think this works great for some people, with me I like to prototype 3 dimensional forms to figure out such visual nuances. Anastasia is great at doing both, and I think it adds to her strength as a designer. My first sketch was just a quick flat drawing that wasn’t as expressive as Anastasia’s.

100 101

While making this jacket I thought often of my childhood, and how I always used to catch fireflies in my backyard.


This Ducati Jacket is a classic example of what a real biker jacket should look like, I love the shoulder pads and how it’s fitted tightly over the body, you can tell that our jacket follows many of the classic biker jacket conventions… except for slight updates here and there, our shape is quite minimal and classic.


Here is the zipper we ditched along the way, we told you guys that there was another zipper we bought but didn’t use. Yes, this is a RiRi zipper and it’s expensive, but you can’t use something that no longer looks right. The invisible zipper is a better update, and the metal zipper really wasn’t matching the vibe of the jacket.


When we discussed our prototype over lunch Anastasia told me to look at Tron as a point of inspiration.


And here, an illustration of a wingsuit. To see a wingsuit in action click here.


An image of a transparent jellyfish. Pretty gorgeous no? I had a whole post up of some screencaps that I took while watching some documentary on bioluminescent sea creatures.


This screen cap from Avatar, whoever created this form for the movie had to have been inspired by that transparent jellyfish. This was one of my favorite scenes, when all those seeds started landing on the main character. A lot of people made fun of me for liking this movie. Whatever, I liked it, end of story.



Aquariums are my favorite, it’s like a different kind of reality. I have aquarium dreams all the time. I don’t know what the deal is with that. Below, some images of an aquarium at Dubai Mall. Speaking of Dubai, I would love to live there for at least 2-3 years.


Dubai Aquarium

Helmut Lang’s practical, light, futuristic clothes of the 90′s and early 2000′s. Can’t you feel some Lang in our prototype? I do. We can’t help be inspired.



I took these photos of airports below, but never blogged about them. This was in Germany, I was heading back to New York. I don’t like traveling on planes, but I love airports. I like the feeling when I get to one, can’t describe it. I like how everything in an airport is designed for functionality and speedy traveling.


You know those things what’s it called, when you have to walk long distances at the airport between baggage claim and arrivals…Oh yea, conveyor belts. I love watching people walk on them but I often think how great it would be if all metropolitan cities were paved with conveyor belts so then I can just wear crazy heels all the time, chill..and not worry about catching a cab at 2 am in the morning.


One of the most important parts of this jacket was constructing the shoulder. We had some trouble with this, but we used a special machine at my studio. It has an elevated base so that you can sew 3-dimensionally shaped pieces. When you sew a flat seam on a flat surface, it’s fine, but as we said, this shoulder was shaped into a half globe. It was very difficult to produce, but thank God for this machine. It’s built like a walking foot machine but just has an raised base for tight spaces.


The sleeve we sewed below was just a test, because you can see there are some mistake stitch marks, so we had to start over.


This was during the time I just did my gel nails, they’re gone now because my nails grew out a lot and  I removed them with those soakers..Nail maintenance is a nuisance.


And of course we cannot forget Anastasia’s beautiful shoe as part of our inspiration for this jacket.