Edible Bomb Shot

So it turns out I was lying on my couch watching Terms of Endearment, and this familiar scene sparked just enough motivation. Aurora on her first date, asking for whiskey. “Preferably wild turkey” she says. Due to Instagram’s 15 second stipulation, the film scene is posted before the video. If you follow the account you’ll be able to see it consecutively.

Scene, familiar because I’ve ordered Wild Turkey on a slew of first dates. Familiar because hyper conservative Aurora goes in for the kill. If you’re lucky enough to be in the company of an alpha laden thick with integrity, perhaps water, instead.

If you’re on a turgid date – Irish good byes are easy escape. Not so with this bomb shot. One too many of these may render you helpless in a bar.

Aurora’s preference now gets preferential treatment. Edible shot glasses…hmm I did those ages ago. I used the same concept here, conveniently a bomb shot involves a shot glass, how ’bout we turn this glass into something edible & frozen. Using a divisive strategy, this cocktail is divided into 3 parts: the shot glass which include lemon juice + marmalade + simple syrup, the bourbon, and finally, beer. The recipe is derivative of the Weissen sour, which is basically a light ale mixed with a whiskey sour. We have to also think about freezing these, so the simple syrup and marmalade also need water laxative. Otherwise you will end up with something like a gel. In this case, this recipe works out perfectly for my taste buds, I find cocktails to be too sweet, especially at bars.

For visual effect I placed the marmalade last, so it goes from light to dark. In the video you’ll notice I’ve already frozen the syrup and lemon, the marmalade goes last otherwise it will sink to the bottom. Lessen the edible glass gap with bourbon, and throw it into the beer, you can use pretty much any light beer, I’m using Heineken because I’ve had this dispenser for a while and it’s one of my favorite beers… As you drink the cocktail will make itself. And plus, your beer stays cold. Ka-ching!

As for your state of mind the next morning, do not expect a clean head.

**Some tips and tricks when serving. Because I’ve tried and failed you get the shortcut. The marble slab isn’t here for decoration. It was sitting in the freezer for a day so that when the shot glasses hit the stone they don’t melt. In the video you notice I don’t much care if the whiskey spills over, but I didn’t want these shot glasses to have curvaceous edges**

**Note: We shot this video to fit Instagram’s requirement, all clips shot via iPhone, as you know photos and videos are loaded into a square format so compositionally everything is centered, I don’t like the centered look for widescreen but what can you do…**