Earphone Rec (AIAIAI TMA-1)


So now just a quick post on earphones, answering those who’ve e-mailed me for recommendations. I started getting earphone questions as soon as I posted Muji headphones a while ago…





Black matte everything. Oh except for my iphone.



A couple of my friends and readers asked which earphones they should buy for excellent sound quality. Well I just tell them, you know I’m not a DJ right??? How am I supposed to know… but then I came across these black matte ones a while ago..You may know that already if you followed me on instagram, so I apologize for the redundant behavior. Anyways, deeply superficial in nature, I’m easily swayed by the look of things, and it’s hard not to resist the matte finish of these earphones. Then I started listening to music and these headphones are pretty much a dream, looks + sound quality, what’s not to like… If you’re like me and you love that thumping bass of hip hop or hour long electro mixes, then these headphones are for you. These also come with a chic case, love that yellow mesh. If you already own them feel free to leave any comments.