Early sunday morning

Today I woke up at 2 am so I was able to do some shooting before starting the day, may visit a friend out of state or may go to the studio, depends on my mood. Also, had to burn some music for my car. Was really tired of listening to my iPhone, craving Harmon Kardon sub woofer pulses.


New juice routine. I was all about Naked for a while even though I knew they were too sweet and thick for my taste. Typical for me to go a day and realize at 5 pm I didn’t eat at all, so I’d always have Naked on hand for a quick meal. Was really loyal to Naked because Odwalla..who drinks Odwalla?? And just the name, Naked vs. Odwalla, Naked wins. But I’m not that loyal. If something better comes along you have to admit it, and Blueprint is above and beyond. The packaging, flavors, everything. So fresh, food industry..so cut throat you never know whose going to come and steal your thunder. I am still trying to wrap my head around this though, will be hard to finance my new juice crush. Oh and no product placement here, I went and bought these on my own at Whole Foods, is that alright? I just happen to take photos of them, because it’s part of my life now.




One below, really great. Spicy too.





Wanted to eat some fresh strawberries with fresh whip cream this morning.. I love this whip cream canister, all you have to do is put heavy cream in it, screw in these bullets and you’re ready to go. Flavor is incomparable to processed stuff. Though I have no problem with Cool Whip.



Don’t usually drink anything sugar free but my pit stop ran out of the dark blue one. Thanks for reading, more soon.