Dough via iPhone

A friend of a friend recommended this new doughnut place, she knows I love donuts from doughnut plant. And now I am craving some, even though these photos are from a while ago. The problem with Dough, at least for me, is that it’s like really far into Brooklyn, and good thing I was in the ‘hood to have lunch with a good friend, so we went to Dough for dessert. For some reason I thought there was one in the city, is there? I tried to find Dough and I couldn’t.. (This was after I had those sandwiches, remember the Willie Special??)…But anyway she told me that Dough’s donuts are a combination of both Krispy Kreme and Doughnut plant, so I had to check it out.


Thank you for making delicious donuts!


Passionfruit, so yummy.


A little of every flavor…Blood orange, some coffee flavored one, lemon poppy…and even hibiscus flavored donuts! We had leftovers of course, but yes these donuts definitely have a bit of that Krispy Kreme vibe to them, always a good thing. Definitely check it out if you can. Also, I just want to let some of you know that if you were supposed to get a shipment notification from the e-shop, unfortunately packages cannot be sent until Wenesday, but I’ll try to get them in as soon as possible. Everything is closed because of this Sandy…