Design Culinaire

This book, Design Culinaire, is a photographic collection of carefully curated ‘food design’ projects by some very influential chefs (some of the notable ones include Heston Blumenthal, Ferran Adria, Pierre Herme, and Stephane Bureaux). It is quite thorough, almost 250 pages that chronicle the works of food designers all over the world. I wanted to share some snippets from it, some of the projects are playful and very clever. Some of them ingenious.


This project below is a collection of sugar candies based on flavors of fruit, mixed with alcohol… almost like hardened cocktails that capture the translucent beauty of gemstones. By Anne-Charlotte Blanchot.


Some works by Ferran Adria, to the right, “Papier A fleurs” or flower paper…


I love the chocolate with pencil shavings below, that one is by Nendo. You can literally shave chocolate onto chocolate. The one above are packets of chocolate with extremely minimal packaging and text (in fact if I had packaging for a chocolate bar it would be VERY close to this). If you can read french maybe you will find out more about the story or concept behind it, I forgot to mention this is a french book.


And this, I really loved this one. A play on the classic “post-it” notes you see at staples, these are thin sheets of fruit candy that have the same properties as paper but can also be eaten.


This is the kind of book that I would probably seek out and purchase because I’m interested in food design and packaging… but this time what’s nice is that my work (Crayons) has been featured in it.. It’s not a huge deal compared to the ubiquitous bloggers who’ve already gone ahead and published their own books (The Sartorialist, Facehunter, and The Selby) but I’m still honored to be featured in it, especially when the work featured in this collection is insanely creative (seriously, the ideas in it make me look like chop liver). I found out some time ago that Ferran Adria closed his restaurant down (El Bulli) and I was crushed because I promised myself I’d make it out to Spain to taste his food before I die. I guess I’ll never get to know what its like now.. By coincidence, my crayons are featured next to his famous “SOUP” dish which is so crazy because he is, quite literally, the most influential chef (not one of) of our time. Basically my hero. Thank you to Antoine Derouin of EYROLLES and Caroline Gibert for including my work in the book!