Cucumber Face Mask…if you’re interested…

This may sound like an abnormal proposal but we do this all the time in Korea. We take fresh cucumber and grate it, we squeeze a bit of it’s juice out, then we pad it all around our face. I love to go for thirty minutes long, if you do this every night I guarantee you’ll see improvements with your skin. But that would take extreme discipline, something I do not have. So I do this 1-2wice a week.


I look scary. I know. I’m trying to look as cool as possible with my RayBans on…My dog was having a huge meltdown the entire time…..she didn’t understand what was going on…Ugh..I try to relax in my bed and this is what I get! Anyway I felt great after the 30 minutes…Try it if you have time tonight. Make sure to do this on a bed, but use 2 DRY TOWELS before you lay your head on it. The juice from the cucumber will drip down. Then pad it all over your face … then when you’re done make sure the empty box grater is near your disposal so you can throw the used up cucumber bits into it.